In August of 2023 I was running up against various internal roadblocks in my business, my relationships, and my overall growth and development as a man.

I knew there was a deeper level of inner work that I needed to do, but I lacked the tools to enter into it on my own, so I reach out to Shawn…

Six months later, I’ve found balance and satisfaction in my business while earning more than ever before, I’ve begun a new romantic relationship with renewed confidence, compassion, and awareness, and I’m able to be fully present and authentic on a new level with my family and close friends.

Inner work is not for the faint of heart, and I found it immensely helpful having Shawn for a guide. He walks the walk, and he’s an embodiment himself of how effective what he teaches can be.

When you work with Shawn, you can expect to be heard with compassion, answered with honesty and clarity, and pushed to grow into your fullest self from a place of love.

Shawn, you’ve helped me declutter my subconscious so I can live each day with peace and power – I appreciate you, amigo!

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