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Hello! My name is Shawn “Sheshn” Heshmatpour. I’m not only a goofball who always sees the fun in life, I am also the first life coach in the industry to have my hairy arms mistaken as tattoo sleeves!

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Hi, I'm Shawn

I’m here to help you overcome social anxiety so you can discover and become your most confident self.


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About Shawn

At a young age I had extreme social anxiety and very little self confidence. However, the early negative conditioning and trauma could not stop my persistence in personal growth!

From being shy and awkward to outgoing and fearless at social gatherings, dates, and in my own personal decision making; I now guide people one-on-one to discover who they are with no limits.


MY MISSION IS TO help those who suffer with social anxiety, in groups and within personal relationships, by guiding them towards their true authentic self. 


To guide others to find inner peace and TRUE happiness by understanding who they are. The first step to making the world better is to start by bettering ourselves.


"Stop looking for what the world needs and start looking for what makes you feel alive, because what the world needs are more people who feel alive."
-Somebody's name I completely forget.

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