Sheshn’s Life Coaching

Empowering Men to Conquer Anxiety

What You Get From Coaching


Reprogram your mind and nervous system to become more confident

Overcome fears in dating women

Build deep relationships authentically


Expand your network and pursue your dreams

What’s Different About Sheshn’s Life Coaching?

What’s different about Sheshn’s Life Coaching is that I coach, guide and support my students in a way where we heal the root cause of your fears and anxiousness so you don’t have to deal with these mental and emotional blocks ever again.

How? By reprogramming your subconscious mind

You don’t need to follow some silly rule book on “how a confident man behaves” or “how to become a high value man in the dating market”

I am not here to teach you to become someone you are not

Society has already done a good job doing that, which is why you are on my website in the first place

I am here to show you it is about simply learning how to become the truest version of yourself

By reprogramming your subconscious mind we let go of the deep rooted belief systems that make you behave from a place of fear and we start creating new programming that drive your behavior from a place of love, empowerment, and self-confidence

Transformational Results

Build Confidence

Build Confidence

By challenging your limiting beliefs, you will start building confidence and self-esteem. With this newfound confidence, you'll put yourself out there and connect with women and new people in an authentic way. You'll start feeling more empowered and in control of your dating life, social life, and relationships. When this side of you is built up you will notice the people you start attract are ones who you end up wanting to keep around.

Develop Healthy Relationships

Develop Healthy Relationships

Through cognitive coaching and emotional awareness, you will start working through your own self-limitations and emotional blocks that keep you from building healthy and confident relationships. You'll learn how to express your authentic self with those around you and confidently pursue women and make new friends.

Live a Fulfilling Life

Live a Fulfilling Life

With the support of a coach that helps men overcome anxiety, you will start living a more fulfilling life. When you overcome your fears and build your confidence, you can pursue your goals and dreams with greater passion and purpose. You'll have tools and the support you need to navigate the challenges of dating, approaching women, meeting new people and building healthy relationships and can start creating the life you've always wanted.

How It Works

Step One

Schedule a free beginner call with me

Step Two

Identify goals and areas for improvement

Step Three

Join my intensive private coaching program



In August of 2023 I was running up against various internal roadblocks in my business, my relationships, and my overall growth and development as a man.

I knew there was a deeper level of inner work that I needed to do, but I lacked the tools to enter into it on my own, so I reach out to Shawn…

Six months later, I’ve found balance and satisfaction in my business while earning more than ever before, I’ve begun a new romantic relationship with renewed confidence, compassion, and awareness, and I’m able to be fully present and authentic on a new level with my family and close friends.

Inner work is not for the faint of heart, and I found it immensely helpful having Shawn for a guide. He walks the walk, and he’s an embodiment himself of how effective what he teaches can be.

When you work with Shawn, you can expect to be heard with compassion, answered with honesty and clarity, and pushed to grow into your fullest self from a place of love.

Shawn, you’ve helped me declutter my subconscious so I can live each day with peace and power – I appreciate you, amigo!

- Alan Meyer

In the few months I have been a part of Shawn’s academy… my life, my confidence, my finances have all changed.

I feel more present.

I feel stronger/have better understanding of myself… and I feel understood and heard by Shawn.

“Life isn’t perfect” is what I’d always hear growing up, but with Shawn’s teaching, I now am beginning to live like it’s perfect. Because it is.

He has helped me see perfection in everything, most importantly, myself.

I love this new life and look forward to seeing where this takes me.

- Isaac Garcia

Within a few short weeks Sheshn helped me overcome my limiting beliefs holding me back from reaching my potential, making more money, and bringing more masculine energy into my relationship.

One of the best investment I’ve ever made.

P.S. – If I was a woman, I’d date this guy

- Taylin Simmonds

Fear of failure has always paralyzed me.
I knew I needed help moving in my life.
Shawn gave me more than that.
I learned about my real self and unlocked my confidence.
The coaching is deep, logical, and effective. I got the liberating
mindset shift I’ve always wanted. Priceless.

- Alex Urena

Coaching with Shawn has been one of the best experiences and decisions l’ve made. Shawn challenges me to think and believe outside of my box.

His methods of cognitive mastery have morphed with my mindset coaching and lifestyle of spirituality. He has helped me overcome scarce mindsets with money, love, and security. I’m continuously challenged as Shawn continues to mentor and coach me.

The level of inner healing, personal growth, and self awareness l’ve developed through working with Shawn is ineffable.

I COULD NOT have done this without him. Shawn makes the effort on each call, to insure it is all about my healing, and my journey.

Here’s the takeaway; Shawn has showed me how to live in abundance. TRUE abundance. My cup is full and I’m looking forward to working with Shawn for the rest of my life.

- Brandon Thammavong

Shawn and I connected after I watched a video of him discussing how coaches need to put in the work to be the best version of themselves.

I was working on myself physically, but knew I needed to grow emotionally and spiritually.

He helped me start to organize the cluttered room known as my mind, and becoming aware of my conditioning.

The journaling technique he exposed me to allow for examination of how a circumstance led to a certain result. I was able to truly begin my healing journey from past trauma and find peace. He is honest and respectful, and have intriguing feedback on my ideas.

It’s an honor to have been coached by him. If you struggle with anxiety, living in the present, and letting your soul drive, Shawn’s your guy. Love you brother.

- Matt Kall

I had just gone through one of the toughest breakups and was in a complete breakdown. I put myself in a dark victimized place and with Shawn’s coaching I was able to re-frame why I was in that mindset as well as understand why I defaulted to that behavior. Since working with Shawn, I have been able to reflect and re-condition some of the most deep rooted trauma that I didn’t even know existed. I’ve experienced some of the biggest breakthroughs of my life…

- Allen Katherman

Meet Your Coach

Shawn “Sheshn” Heshmatpour

My name is Shawn and I help men overcome their fears from pursuing women, making new friends and creating their dream life. I do this by focusing on building your confidence and self-esteem though cognitive and spiritual coaching. The methodologies I use bridges the gap between psychology and neuroscience with the peace of ancient spiritual teachings. I truly understand the deep-rooted beliefs you carry about yourself that limit your ability to put yourself out there and connect with women, make new friends, build healthy relationships, and go after the life you desire. What I do is I help you identify and challenge these beliefs through personalized coaching, guidance, and support so you can start feeling more confident in yourself and your ability to connect with others.

I recognize that past failed relationships, trauma, and previous failures can make you hesitant to try again. Through cognitive coaching, I help you work through these hesitations by re-shaping the way you think and feel about the past and the way you think about yourself today.

I aim to help you overcome your fears and start a more fulfilling life. By building your confidence and self-esteem, you can attract the kind of women or new friendships you want and build deep, meaningful relationships. With my coaching, guidance, and support I guarantee you will start feeling more empowered and in control of your dating and social life.

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