Have you ever stepped into something outside of your comfort zone? Have you ever just wanted to dive into a new hobby or interest, create that piece of content that is different from your norm, ask out that girl you see every day at the Dunkin’ drive-thru, take yourself for a night out in town alone, or test out that dirty joke about rabbit cum to someone new? If 2020 and this pandemic have taught me anything it is that life is too short to be limiting ourselves to fear.

Fear gets in the way too much in our lives. We use fear as an excuse all the time to limit ourselves.

“I want to ask for a raise, but I feel uncomfortable doing so… maybe I’ll wait until next year.”

“I want a sponsorship with that company, but my view count on Twitch and YouTube probably isn’t strong enough for it to happen.”

“I want to ask out that person but what if they say no.”

“I want to make new type of content but I’m afraid of what my audience will think.”

The blunt truth is fear is a lie made up by society. A societal circle jerk. REAL FEAR is an external threat that is visible and actually happening right in front of your face.

Real fear is being on a sinking ship, having a gun held up to your fucking head, having a tiger chase you and wanting to eat your ass alive. THAT is real instinctual fear.

Everything else is a story made up in our heads that we tell ourselves, they are just “what ifs,” followed by a negative statement.

“What if I mess up on stage?”

“What if they make fun of me?”

“What if she laughs at my penis size?”

Do you tend to do this often? Well WHAT IF we focused on positive statements followed by the “what if?”

“What if I get that promotion?”

“What if my audience likes my new content?”

“What if she loves my penis so much she puts on a ring on my dick and we get married?”


Fear is not what is holding you back by itself; it is a lack of connection with something that is more important and bigger than fear itself.

Think about a fire fighter rushing into a burning building to save somebody’s life. Do you think they are fearless? Of course not! They are afraid, probably shitting their pants, but their mission and duty is to go into the burning building and rescue whoever may be trapped in there. The connection with their duty, the connection with their job is more important and MUCH BIGGER than the fear itself.

What are some examples you can implement in your life? Here are some:

“I want to make more money and have financial growth so I will ask my boss for that raise even if it is uncomfortable.”

“I want to have healthy and meaningful friendships and relationships so I will be vulnerable even if that makes me shit my pants a little.”

“I want to push others to maximize their potential so I will start preaching self-growth, even if it is different than my usual lewd humor!”

Fear is not the issue; it is the lack of FUCKING COMMITMENT!

Still not convinced? That is fine. Get a piece of paper or pull out your notepad app on your smartphone and write down your real fears.

Think about your ambitions and goals and then write down what has been limiting you.

“I want ____ but haven’t gone for it because _____”

Then look at it, and write down what you need to do in order to take the proper steps of going for what you want. Whether you need to ask for help, study a certain topic, practice being vulnerable, speaking up when expressing a boundary, or creating a new piece of content. Do whatever it is you have to do in order to go after that ambition and go after that fucking dream.

We all have a purpose and we all want to feel alive. Sitting around with our hands on our crotch wishing to be something is absolutely fucking miserable and eliminating fears is something you can do today.

Don’t let your negative “what ifs” stop you from having a deserving moment where you can say “OH GOD YES!”

Don’t cuck yourself to fear.

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