Coming up with goals for the New Year can be wicked overwhelming (I apologize ahead of time for the Masshole slang). It can be very easy to list out some resolutions for the upcoming year that are vague and then you find yourself stuck the following year. Nothing feels as shitty as chasing the same goal over and over to then realize you spent all year with your thumb up your ass. Writing down a vague goal such as “lose weight” or “eat healthy,” or “grow my content” don’t really serve us for what we want to achieve and if certain accomplishments are something that want to be taken seriously then it is important to visualize what it looks like with measurable outcomes. The goal of this blog is to get a better understanding of what it looks like to manifest your goals.

Be Clear With Your Goals and Put Them Out There Into The Universe

Instead of thinking of a vague goal like “be healthier this year,” visualize what that looks like in your head. “Healthier” can be a lot of different things. If someone were to stuff their face with fast food 5 days out of the week instead of 7 days out of the week technically they are being “healthier,” however it is safe to assume if somebody wants to be healthy, the goal is not to just lose one pound. Let’s stop and visualize what the goal “be healthier” looks like. For some people, it may be running for 20-30 minutes a day and losing a certain amount of weight. For others it may mean gaining a certain amount of muscle mass by lifting weights and adding more protein to their diet. Visualize in your head what good health looks like to you and then write it down.

Example given below:

“I am going to reach 170lbs this year. I will do this by running for 30 minutes a day after work 6 days a week and I will be changing my food choices that will help support my goals along with eating until 80% full.”

Now health is always a clutch go-to example when talking about goals so I will give you a personal example from my list of goals. I want to practice being more mindful, and patient. One way I want to practice this is by going to my car every day during my lunch break at work and meditate for 10 minutes. You see how the goal isn’t just “I want to mediate more in order to be more mindful.” The goal is specific and I write out how I will be working with myself and working with the universe in order to achieve a higher level of mindfulness.

Work With The Universe In Order To Make The Goals Happen

Now that the list of goals and the process to get there is written out in front of you, what do you do in order to make them happen? The world is FILLED with too much fucking noise these days. I really had to express my passion and use the word “fucking” as an adjective on that last sentence because it is too damn true. There is A LOT going on at once. Notifications sent to your phones distracting you constantly, political news, COVID news, your job, emails, phone calls, chores, daily to-do lists, etc.

The plus side of living with these fucked up distractions from our technology is that we can use it to our advantage to achieve anything we desire. A simple task such as meditating in the car once a day, working out after work, remembering to reach out to people, setting aside time to journal and reflect, and jacking off before the first date can all be good habits that are extremely easy to forget. So work with your phones and set reminders/calendar alerts. Or maybe if you are a bit old school use a good old fashion weekly planner. The point here is to position yourself in every way possible to work with the universe consistently to manifest your goals. The calendar and alerts on your phone is just one example out of many. In this age of technology distractions have made it hard for me to achieve my goals at the level I want them to be. I have been getting into a better habit of putting my phone in another room when getting important things done. There is no way in fucking hell I could have even written this blog about manifesting goals if I had my phone next to me right now. I would probably be distracted texting or looking at all my favorite eye candy on Twitter and Instagram!

Let Go Of Self Limitation

That’s right my friends, now is the time to start letting go of  “I am not smart enough,” or “I am too lazy” or “I am not good enough.” Thoughts like this will always continue to interrupt your process of achieving your goals. As mentioned in my previous blog, the goal and mission must be greater than the fear or self-limiting belief itself. (Link to previous blog: )

Now that you have read this, start categorizing your goals and write them out as specifically as possible in the way you envision to make them happen. 2021 is the year you manifest what you fucking want!

If you enjoyed reading this I will be livestreaming some of my personal examples of goals I want to manifest this year and I will helping any viewers in my live audience Monday, January 4th on my Twitch channel ( ) at 7pm Eastern time. I would love to hear some of your goals and give any support and critiques in my own way in order to help you manifest the goals you desire.

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