There is one major step that will recreate your reality in a way that always works in your favor and exposes your true confident self. Something that can only be focused on in the present moment, and that is your thoughts.

Cognitive mastery, will not be mastered until you make the commitment with yourself to observe and change your thoughts. It is hard at first like anything else. Everyone of you will be starting at a different level of this depending on how deep your conditioned not self has taken you over. But just like going to the gym, eating healthy, learning an instrument, and wiping your own ass, with practice you will get better and better at it. I promise you.

So, what is a thought?

A thought is simply a sentence in your mind that you create.

The mind, keeps replaying sentences in your head based on what you were taught at a young age from your environment. A thought replayed in your mind over and over again what we call a belief.

Your mind is trained to always seek pleasure and avoid pain at all costs, and to be as reactive to that as efficiently as possible.

However, even though the mind is attracted to our conditioning these thoughts we tell ourselves are just choices. This is fucking HUGE in understanding how to elevate yourself and let go of anxieties, worries, and insecurities. Your thoughts are just choices that you make every single day.

Thoughts are how we decide to make meaning of our past, and neutral circumstances that happen in front of us.

Regardless of what has happened to you in your past, you are pure and you are perfect the way you are. You are not tainted, or damaged based on past experiences in your life. Your thoughts are what is making you believe those things. The repetition of those thoughts is what creates the strong beliefs that your mind is so attached to.

What is interfering with you believing that you are perfect are your repetitive beliefs in your mind. Not realizing that everything in this world is a belief or a story.

Yes, this is a truth.

What is the truth? The truth is very little things in this world hold truth and most things are stories or beliefs we have created agreement on as humans.

Fucking wild right?!

So start being aware of the stories you are telling yourself and allow new ones to come in that serve you.

All problems we have in our life are simply in our mind. How we perceive the neutral circumstances in our world and create subjectivity around it. We choose our thoughts on a circumstance in front of us.

This comes into play with social anxiety a lot. You want to speak your mind, you want to approach that person, you want to create social media posts or Tweets that express your truth but the mind inserts fear around that and you end up not moving forward.

Then you feel frustrated, bitter or angry that you did not move forward and your ego will reflect that problem onto the environment, and blame your surroundings as a way to try to protect you from your own feelings.

Be aware of your thoughts. Be aware of your feelings. Practice raising your awareness.

Journaling, meditation, and even setting an alarm on your phone or watch for every 45 minutes to ask yourself “what thoughts and feelings am I having right now and why?” I call these vibe checks and they are so fucking helpful for beginners wanting to raise self awareness.

The measurement of your character, growth, and true self is how you tackle on the negative thoughts, how you want to perceive them. I have had my students and peers ask me before, “well Shawn how do I get rid of negative thinking?” The answer is you do not get rid of negative thinking, you raise your awareness of what thoughts you are feeding your mind and realize they are just thoughts.

The truth is, everything in front of us is neutral and our thoughts create this illusion of what it is supposed to mean for us. We are quick to judge.

An example of this is with internet trolls. One person may take a mean comment personally and be afraid to keep posting online and another person may make it mean that the user is just hurting inside and projecting that energy onto other people.

This is what the power of thoughts can do. Choosing your thoughts with INTENTION will help you see the neutrality of this world differently in a way that will always serve you. Everything in this world is a story so why not use the ones that will serve you and your growth.

Your thoughts create your feelings.

Your feelings create your actions.

And your actions create your result.

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