What I Do

I coach adults around the ages 18 to early 40s that have trouble with social anxiety and feeling comfortable with their true self. If you are tired of having lack of self confidence defeat you in the dating world, or if you are frustrated of being afraid to express yourself in social scenarios, or you are sick of negative thoughts and emotions distract you from living the life of your dreams; I guide, coach, and teach cognitive mastery and emotional ownership for you to overcome the limits.

What stands out in my methods as a teacher and coach is I guide you to discover your own self rather than telling you what to do.

Matt Murdock always had the ability to be the blind superhero of Hell’s Kitchen, but he would not have discovered how to use his senses and become Daredevil without the guidance and teachings of Stick. 

If you’re ready to overcome social anxiety, and want to feel who you truly are UNAPOLOGETICALLY then enroll now for your FREE consultation call. Click below and choose an available time that works with you.

I’m excited for us to work together and TRANSFORM your life. I hope you are ready to solve your social anxiety forever.

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