The Twitch community, like any other online community or industry is unique in its own way. The way we talk to each other with our slang, phrases, inside jokes, and having a level of comfort with one another is fucking amazing. I don’t have any other circle of friends where it can be socially acceptable for my best friend to wake up in the morning, turn his head a little bit towards the bathroom, and see my fucking flaccid hairy Middle Eastern schlong getting into the shower because the stupid AIRBNB owner decided to put a light blue curtain between the master bedroom and bathroom instead of a god damn door… AND THEN LAUGH ABOUT IT on a livestream, A PUBLIC PLATFORM, the following week.

KanyeTwittee, I fucking love you homie.

I am grateful that I can enjoy such a deep level of friendships and reach such a high level of comfort with many people THAT I MET ON THE INTERNET. It still wows me to this day that the Twitch community has brought a new norm (yes, I just used that phrase not referencing the pandemic) to my lifestyle over the last five and a half years. The people I am close with and the support I have received feels so natural.

You see the word I just used? Natural.

Enough with the fluffy bunny “I’m grateful” shit, we hear it all the time. I’m going to dive into why it comes off naturally.

It does not matter at the end of the day whether you are in the livestreaming industry, music industry, marketing, finance, or fucking proctrology (medical field of the butthole) you must have people connect with you NATURALLY.

Putting other people (or a social group) on a pedestal will create resistance to naturally letting the right people in.

The Harm of Putting People on a Pedestal

*takes a deep breath*


I used to be this way. Let me tell you something. Harmful is 100% the most appropriate word to use. I get it; you want to feel validated by others around you. I get it; you want a lot of quality deep friendships. I get it; you want platonic and romantic love for who you truly are. We all do.

The best way to get there is to stop idolizing the people you look up to and to stop having a mindset that certain people are above you due to their positive traits. When you put someone else above yourself, you end up creating resistance between you and that person due to your actions and behavior around them. Subconsciously, your actions will be to impress them in order to belong or be noticed rather than being your true authentic self.

“If you treat someone like a celebrity, they will treat you like a fan.” Remember that.

The best way to attract the right people to you on Twitch or anywhere in life is by being your best self and loving who you are and where you’re currently at in life. What does that look like? Doing things you like because it makes you happy, being present in conversation with others and just enjoy interactions and the vibrations without thinking about more or wanting something out of them.

I see so many Tweets of streamers saying something along the lines of, “I really want to say hello to this person in chat but I don’t want to come off as a leech.”

Let me ask you something, if you have put out that Tweet before or thought those things before, WHO GIVES A FUCK WHAT DARKSOULSBUTTCHUGGER69 THINKS ABOUT YOU!?

Heck, for all you even know, that streamer you are nervous to say hello to could have been one of the filthy cocksuckers who raided the capitol the other week! You only know of them based on their content.

Be true to yourself and be true to your values. It really doesn’t matter how much “clout” each person has online, and it doesn’t matter if somebody else has some qualities that you admire. We all have strengths and weaknesses regardless of where we are at.

When you put other people above you, the connection will not feel as natural. You will either feel like you are always chasing for their attention or if they are smart, they will sense the energy you are putting out and manipulate you. Both of these will lead to results that will mentally fuck you up.

So if you are not feeling accepted by others or not loved by others, start by accepting and loving yourself. Love your strengths, and love your flaws. The energy you put out there when you love yourself will have other people come to you and suddenly friendship, love, and the feeling of being a part of something will suddenly feel nothing but natural.

My Personal Experience of Putting a Streamer on a Pedestal

Back in 2015, when I first started getting involved on Twitch, I was a lonely fuck. I was 20 years old, living with my parents in a small town away from all the fun things a 20 year old could do, and all my hometown friends were in college out of state while I was studying from home.

I didn’t feel like I had my own group of people like I used too. I was so eager to make new friends online. People were cool and interesting; some of them I am still very close friends with today. There was one particular gentleman I saw on Twitter we followed each other but never spoke much. He was always posting videos of him dancing and doing silly shit I found intriguing and funny. I said to myself, “what the hell, he seems weird but a good kind of weird, let me see what’s up with this guy.”

So I went to his stream and I never felt so entertained by a live streamer at this point in my life. His energy was amazing, people loved the craziness in his chat and everyone was so welcoming and cool. I instantly put this dude and his community on a pedestal. I immediately wanted to feel belonged in this circle. Late at night after his streams he would have people on his Discord and I would join. Now back in 2015, did I know how to fucking booze, I mean I still got it in me today, but 20 year old “Shawn94” was a whole other fucked up animal. There was nothing I loved to do more at this time of my depressed college boy life than booze the fuck up and say silly things in people’s Twitch chats and Discord just to see if I could get a laugh out of them, which is my way of feeling validated by others, I still love making people laugh to this day.

So every time he would hang on Discord after his streams I’d join all of them. A nice mix of guys and gals from all different backgrounds and then just my drunk “look at me I’m funny” 20-year-old-ass. Only God knows the amount of whiskey and orange juice I put down while hanging out with them and I am sure his liver even hurts just from witnessing me going full send on all those dirty bottles of liquor. Anyways, I think you get where this is going. I was always just drunk, overly lewd, forcing myself to make people laugh to a point where I was annoying. Finally I got banned from his community and I don’t speak to the guy anymore.

He’s an absolutely great guy by the way, I got nothing against him! The universe put him in my life so I could learn a very valuable lesson. Don’t force a friendship on others, don’t push yourself to fit in, and just be yourself for your strengths and weaknesses. The right people will come to you and be a part of your journey. To this day, after following this, I have made some of the best friends in my entire life on Twitch and have had some of the best support that I am forever grateful for.

I know this blog was a little bit on the longer side, but I felt as if personal stories moving forward may be needed in order to hopefully relate with you and show that I am not perfect either, I just strive to do my best from the lessons life has thrown at me.

If you enjoyed this read, please @ me on Twitter and tell me what you liked about it, or just simply give me some feedback! It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad. Thank you for reading and hopefully this blog has helped you enhance your relationship with yourself.

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