Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Spiritual Healers ARE YOU READY?

Build your self-confidence, grow your business, and create a lifestyle meant for you.

The OGY Academy™ is the Perfect Place for You to Overcome Your Anxiety, Create Confidence, Lead Your Business, Relationships, and, Most Importantly YOURSELF.


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Becoming self-confident and at
peace can be difficult…

Your mind hangs on to old beliefs and old thought patterns that block you from your potential.

You feel frustrated, anxious and discouraged because you ask yourself…

  • Should I really go after my dreams or should I play it safe with a fulltime job?
  • How often do I need to follow advice from self-help books to become confident in my relationships and business?
  • How can I get rid of the anxiety that steers me away from becoming a confident leader?
  • What do I say to people to convince them that I am confident in who I am?
  • How do I build relationships where I am truly valued, loved and looked up to by others?

Even though you know

you can break free

You're still stuck because...


You're afraid of the outcome

You are afraid of your amazing ideas failing and becoming homeless or having to go back to another "9-5 job."
You are afraid of rejection from men or women so you avoid dating all together.
You are afraid of what your friends and family will think about if you create online content and go after your dreams.
You fear disappointing others and letting them down


You don't know how to manage your fears

You're still struggling not only because you have anxiety but you have no clue how to manage all this fear.
You numb the fear by having a few drinks at social gatherings, dates and networking events
You get high or watch porn to distract yourself from your own anxiety and stress
You try to ignore your fear by working harder, thinking you will just plow through whatever is holding you back... Only for it to come back 10x WORSE.


You Procrastinate

You tell yourself you will "start working on your business idea next week"
You tell yourself you will date "whenever the timing feels right"
You keep avoiding creating content because you are "not in the mood"
You keep having this dream and vision of what your ideal self looks like but you avoid becoming that person by continuing to keep watching TV, playing video games, scrolling through social media mindlessly and by even reading MORE self-help books to make yourself feel like you are doing something productive.


You Are Depressed and Unmotivated

You are stuck in this crappy cycle of resistance towards becoming your new self.
You know you can do it but your thoughts talk yourself out of it
You numb or distract yourself from your own fears
You procrastinate
Now all this frustration and fear has taken over your entire life. You don't even have the physical, mental, or emotional energy to begin your journey as your most confident self


Your Negative Self-Talk

A few bad incidents with an ex-lover or ex-friend made you feel like you are not good enough to have confident, loving and thriving relationships
A friend or family member laughed at your dream life and now you feel insecure about it
You tell yourself people will judge you if you start posting content online
You tell yourself people will laugh at you and not like you anymore if you start following your dreams and your own path

Are you ready to live as your highest self?

The last thing you need to do right now is pick up another self-help book on confidence, psychology, sales, marketing, dating or life.


You don’t need to continue searching on Google…

  • “How to become more confident”
  • “How to overcome anxiety”
  • “How to be liked by other people.”
  • “How to attract more clients”
  • “How to show up as a leader.”

When you feel stuck and have not made any progress towards being in touch with your highest self, it is because you are still in your comfort zone.

It is now time to take MASSIVE action.

How To Build Confidence So You Can Become a Powerful and Inspiring Leader

Hey fam, it’s Shawn “Sheshn” Heshmatpour, here! 


I’m a goofball and a playful soul who always sees the fun in life.


I am also the first life coach ever to have my hairy arms be mistaken as tattoo sleeves. 

At a young age I had extreme social anxiety and lacked self confidence. I always felt like I was unworthy of the lifestyle I desired.


Due to my own insecurities this played out in a lot of unhealthy ways…


  • I would not speak on how I felt in social circles because of the fear of being judge
  • I feared losing relationships.
  • I was a content creator who would not state my opinions because I feared conflict.
  • I’d numb my insecurities by partying with drugs and alcohol because socializing felt “easier” to do when I was not sober.
  • I’d cling onto unhealthy relationships with women because I was afraid no one else would love me.
  • I worked a 9-5 job that absolutely drained my energy and took up all of my time because I was afraid of quitting and starting something that felt meaningful to me.

However, I was determined to work through this. Towards my last couple years of my Twitch streaming side hustle and my last year working in business technology sales, I dove into books and listened to audio content on self development. Consuming all of these educational and positive mindset content sure helped, but I knew I needed a deeper understanding with application.


So I hired a life coach. In fact, I hired multiple coaches.



About $30,000 worth of coaching.



I learned the psychology and neuroscience behind our triggers and fears. I studied spiritual teachings and learned how the bridge between science and faith comes to life in our reality


I applied and used this knowledge and wisdom into my dating life, business, relationships, and my own self confidence.


I continued this journey with these mentors and within months at a time, my momentum of personal development skyrocketed. 


I was learning things about myself and about the world in a matter of weeks that would have taken YEARS to learn without coaching.


I was becoming more aware of my thought patterns.


I was becoming more aware of my own triggers.


I was becoming more aware of my own limitations I would set on myself.


As I became more aware I also became more aligned with who I am.


I started taking more “risks” because I realized how much risk only exists in the mind.


I started becoming more vulnerable and open around friends, family, girls I would date, and loved ones.


I started to become more SELF-CONFIDENT at social gatherings, dates, content creation, and business relationships.


I literally could FEEL what it is like to be “determined” and unstoppable.


From being shy, awkward and insecure to outgoing, fearless and a positive impact on others at social gatherings, dates and followers on social media, I now guide people to discover who they are with NO FUCKING LIMITS!


For me, there is nothing more fulfilling than transforming people’s lives.



Now I am here. Ready to work with you and transform the fuck out of your life too.

What was the solution? Mastering my thoughts, separating myself from my mind, and trusting my intuition.

I am amazing at making friends now.


I create content for my coaching business that impacts people’s lives for the better.


I’ve helped over 47+ people transform their lives from my coaching.


I am a community leader and I am involved in so many social groups where I am loved and where everybody elevates each other in their personal and professional lives.


I live a life that I am proud of and it is thanks to..

⇾ Awareness of my negative bullshit
⇾ Learning to let go of them
⇾ Creating new belief systems that make me feel positive and in alignment with my actions.


I took this core 3-step process and started testing it on myself and other people.

I tested it with my dating life, social life, and business growth and it worked.

I tested it with my client’s dating life, social life, and business growth as well… AND IT WORKED!


And now I’d like to help YOU



The OGY Academy™ is the Perfect Place for You to Overcome Your Anxiety, Create Confidence Quickly & Be Ready to Lead Your Business, Relationships, and Most Importantly YOURSELF


Just Imagine...

You can have all those things
happen with less time today

I teach and coach using a unique methodology so you can create a confident and powerful connection with yourself and others

I have helped 47+ people transform their lives in short periods of times.


Now I have built a system where more people can access $15,000 worth of content and live coaching for a fraction of the cost.


I created The OGY Academy as a subscription based service for life coaching with accessibility in mind.


I took my methodology that changed my life and my clients lives too.


Broke down my private coaching program.


Turned it into a self study course with over 9 learning modules with life transformational homework AND I even added 1 live group coaching call and 1 private coaching call ONCE A WEEK.


I am pricing this for ONLY $147/month.


My friends, my students, my family and literally everyone who knows me thinks I am f*cking crazy for providing ALL of those products and services for $147.


A therapist can costs more than $147 for a 30-minute session once a week and can’t give the same results.


A weekend course in self improvement can cost up to $5,000.


People pay more than $10,000 to learn funnels for their business that they don’t even apply.


I am going to be completely blunt with you if you are reading this.


If you are questioning the $147 investment then you are probably not ready to make major lifestyle changes.


No judgment here at all… but I have learned through my own transformation that living a life 100% true to yourself is PRICELESS.


Will this price go up in the near future? Probably. 


I am giving out coaching, self study, and virtual classroom teachings for the price of a night out with your friends, a date, the cost of two video games, television subscriptions, UberEats, and anything else you casually spend on things that are not uplifting your life for the long run.


I’m at a point in my life where I am doing very well for myself financially, mentally and emotionally.


So my mission is to make good use out of my teachings by making them accessible for you… take advantage of it. 

I’m creating a personal relationship with you individually and putting you in virtual spaces with like minded people ON PURPOSE so you can elevate your lifestyle, relationships, and business FOREVER.

I made this program to show you what your truest and highest potential as a human being is capable of.


I am here to build a powerful relationship with you so you can heal your relationship with yourself, money and others.


I transform lives for a living and stick by that.


You can subscribe and unsubscribe to the academy whenever you want.


If for some reason you have not learned anything or just did not like the academy by the end of the first month you can have your $147 payment refunded.

OGY Academy

What’s included?


Cognitive Mastery 101

Learn the foundational methodology of raising awareness of your thoughts that are no longer serving you and creating new thoughts that serve your purpose and who you truly are.



Emotional Ownership 101

Learn how to step into your highest self and process all ranges of emotions in a healthy manner. Become a master in responding to your emotions versus reacting to them.



Letting go of Old Beliefs and Creating New Ones

Break your unhealthy patterns and master your own belief systems to attract the lifestyle you deserve.



Taking Action to Create Results

Actions are how you show yourself and the world where you are at in regards to your thoughts and feelings. Learn how to



Master Self Confidence

Strengthen this concept on yourself. Be able to hold your own with anything you do and anything you want in this world.



Master Relationships

Relationships teach you so much about you. Use this to your advantage by elevating yourself through your relationships. You are never in a relationship with a person or thing but your thoughts of a person or thing. Use your inner power to create the relationships of your dreams.



Time Management

Only you are the master of your time and how you want to use it. This isn’t just time management but learning how to create schedules and ultimately a lifestyle that you want 24/7



Money + Wealth

People are confused about money and how they give it so much power into their lives. Being your best self is not only important for your relationship with yourself and other people but also with your career and wealth. Learn how to be a leader of you wealth and your career path.



Living a Limitless Life!!!

Life is truly limitless. I don’t believe in limits. When you join the academy it will be time to let go of the limitations you create. It is only when you let go and create your lifestyle you will truly see and feel how limitless your life already is and what it can be.


It all starts with you. If you feel ready to take a momentous leap into becoming the most confident and the most happy you have ever been then I am right here by your side to make that happen.


What You’ll Get


  • 60 Minute Group Calls Every Week For Teaching and Coaching
  • One Private Coaching Call a Week
  • Monthly Learning Modules (Life Time Access)
  • Community Discord To Message Me Whenever You Need Me and Collaborate and Grow With Like Minded People (Life Time Access)
  • Result Oriented Activities To Keep Track and Measure Your Growth


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges.


Why Hire a Life Coach?

Hiring a life coach will speed up the process of the problem you are trying to solve. As people, we need mentors and guides. Learning on your own through books, podcasts, and videos can certainly improve your knowledge but a coach can show you how to apply it and feel it too. My students are able to discover themselves in a matter of a few months rather than treading water for many years.


What is the Difference Between Coaching and Therapy.

A lot of modern day therapy goes off the basis that there is something wrong with you, and that you need to be fixed. The biggest problem with therapy right now is that it focuses too much on making meaning of your past. This only does so much if you want to see a massive transformation. With my style of coaching, I go into it knowing that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I help you understand yourself, and most importantly listen to yourself too. Your past experiences can be useful, but we focus on your future and help you live it in the now.


How Are You Different Than Other Coaches?

I don’t tell you what to do. I don’t tell you to do things that don’t resonate with you. I would just be conditioning you into somebody you’re not if I did that. I guide you to find yourself and I teach you on how to trust yourself in anything you want to do. I coach you so you can learn who you are at a DEEP LEVEL and then guide you to apply that knowledge in the real world.


This is an academy where other students are involved. Will you still be able to give me private coaching and attention?

Yes, one private coaching call a week for us to build a relationship and help you implement the learning modules and overcome your personal struggles is included in the academy subscription.


Is Your Program a Risk?

Not at all. I am not even being biased either.


First, if you don’t like my program after the first month you are fully refunded.


Second, This is a lifetime transformation.


Think about how much money you spend per month on drinks, going out to eat, technology, video games, toys, weed, and other distractions. This is a lifetime investment that guarantees becoming confident for life.


It isn’t about the money though. It is about personal freedom, feeling it, and living it too. This is a life transformation.


Any additional payments besides the monthly subscription?


Nope. Not at all. Just the monthly subscription and your commitment to learn and overcome your fears.


I have a busy schedule? How much time should I put aside for this?

You will need about 20-30 minutes a day for homework and then about 1.5 hours – 2 hours per week for coaching (both group and private)