Academy of Divine Men

Are You Ready To Unleash Your Full Potential?


Are you highly motivated and have achieved A LOT in your life but you still constantly think about your past failed relationships and the lack of women in your life currently?


Do you struggle being relaxed and confident in social settings or around women you find attractive?


Do you chase validation from attractive women or from people in your life?


Do you feel anxious when a friend or attractive woman does not text you back quickly?


Do you feel lonely because of how much you isolate yourself because of your anxiety?


Does your lack of experience with flirting, sex, and relationship building get in the way of attracting women you desire or even just having the social confidence you want?

 I help men overcome their anxiety in social settings and pursuing women so they become CONFIDENT in who they are and build healthy relationships they desire

Even though you know you

can become confiudent 

You’re still stuck because you have…

1. Deep rooted limited beliefs about yourself

You are afraid of rejection so you avoid dating and new social events all together.

Every time you have put yourself out there you feel disappointed, rejected, or misunderstood by others

In order to avoid feeling dissapointed again you avoid dating all together but now you feel lonely.

You know deep down inside of you that you need to put yourself out there again.

But it feels scary and overcoming that fear has been extremely difficult for you.

2. Anxiety Expressing Your True Authentic Self

You are afraid of expressing how you feel to the women you meet

The idea of creating conflict and stepping on other people’s toes is scary for you

The last thing you want to do is be disliked by others

You want to give people your best impression but are suppressing who you are to avoid saying “the wrong thing” to turn them off

3. Past Failed Relationships

You hesitate putting yourself out there because your past relationships were fueled with chaos

You are afraid to get into a relationship with arguing and hostility

Vulnerability is something you struggle with and you have walls up to be intimate with women because you have trouble believing they will support you and care about what you have to say

4. Ashamed of Where You Are At In Life/Low Self-Esteem

It is hard for you to put yourself out there because you beat yourself up a lot

You feel like you could be achieving more and doing more with your life

You fear that she will reject you because you have not achieved enough as a man

You feel so overwhelmed by the demands of life that you overall don’t feel like you are good enough to build a relationship with an “attractive woman”

Here me out brother…

 If any of those scenarios listed above are something you can relate too it is because it all comes back down to the thoughts you have about YOURSELF.

At some point in your life something happened that created fear when it comes down to how you relate to other people and society.

 Maybe you were rejected by girls back in middle school or high school or bullied as a teenager
You may have deep rooted limited beliefs on your self-worth from a young age
 You may get discouraged when taking on new challenges easily

All of these patterns begin to develop at a young age and they interfere with your ability to date and become socially confident because fear and discouragement are the feelings your constantly focused on

Your mind subconsciously hangs on and attaches you to belief systems that you picked up from your childhood, teenage years, and early adulthood experiences and wants to protect you from a chance of disappointment, rejection, or powerlessness again.

So now your anxiety with women and just putting yourself out there in general is a protection from you to have ever face rejection again.

I also used to have these issues with women too and with social settings

I tried therapy, I tried reading all the self-help books and consumed as much self-improvement content as I possibly could.

This only lead to more mental masturbation and not actually living out the things I was learning.

It was when I was coached by my mentor using the methodology, cognitive mastery & emotional ownership, was when things started to shift in my favor.

This methodology helped me learn how to reprogram my mind and feel my emotions in a way where they did not stop me but FUEL ME to expand and grow.

By rewiring my mind to become more confident I was able to go on dates, expand my network, make friends who were aligned on similar journeys as myself and most importantly LIVE FREELY

I now have successfully coached over 50 people overcome their social anxiety and become calm, confident, and unapologetically themselves wherever they go in life and most importantly HAVE PEACE for who they truly are and how they show up.

This is why I focus on coaching people with social anxiety.

I have been there and seen how POWERFUL this methodology truly is.

Now is time for you to change your life and take MASSIVE ACTION on becoming the person you have always dreamed of becoming.

The results that come from joining The Academy of Divine Men

When you join The Academy of Divine Men you will be taken through a series of 4 phases, each will give you a new result towards your path of self-confidence in social settings, dating women and building healthy relationships

Phase 1

Master Yourself

  • You’ll learn how to raise self-awareness to your insecurities
  • You’ll have legitimate tools and practices to let go of insecure thoughts and feelings (better than what a therapist will give you)
  • You will know how to break patterns that keep you stuck
  • You will become a master of your mind and emotions
  • You’ll be living with confidence and not fear

Phase 2

Become The Creator

  • Master new belief systems that will create a higher level self-confidence and dating experiences
  • You will know how to create confident and exciting relationships with women
  • You will become a man who is calm and collective
  • You will know and feel what it means to be confident approaching women
  • You will be a true creator of your reality and how you hold yourself in social interactions

Phase 3

Date Like A Divine Man

  • Your approach anxiety will be long gone with women
  • you will be confident expanding your network, making new friends, and going on dates with attractive women
  • You will become confident on dates with women
  • You will feel like you trust yourself to be who you are
  • Become a chooser in the dating game, not a chaser

Phase 4

Create Deep, Fulfilling, and Amazing Relationships

  • Learn and understand what makes relationships exciting and strong
  • Become a master of attracting women in your life and keeping them
  • Learn high level emotional intelligence and emotional maturity
  • Learn high level emotional intelligence and emotional maturity
    – Know how to trust yourself to be vulnerable and connect at a deeper level
  • High level conflict resolution when things get tough

Academy Features For Your Success:

Private coaching calls with me to hold you to keep you on track and hold you accountable
Weekly Live Classroom Sessions - Includes teaching, group discussions and coaching
Learning modules for self-study
Call-to-action homework and practices
Community brotherhood access on Discord
Message me anytime, 24/7

This academy is everything a man needs to be able to master his own self-confidence, share that energy with women around him, and then learn how to be a man who can build healthy relationships.

Learn it all from one program so you will never need help in these areas of life again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges.

Why Hire a Life Coach?
Hiring a life coach will speed up the process of the problem you are trying to solve. As people, we need mentors and guides. Learning on your own through books, podcasts, and videos can certainly improve your knowledge but a coach can show you how to apply it and feel it too. My students are able to discover themselves in a matter of a few months rather than treading water for many years.
What is the Difference Between Coaching and Therapy.

A lot of modern day therapy goes off the basis that there is something wrong with you, and that you need to be fixed. The biggest problem with therapy right now is that it focuses too much on making meaning of your past. This only does so much if you want to see a massive transformation. With my style of coaching, I go into it knowing that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I help you understand yourself, and most importantly listen to yourself too. Your past experiences can be useful, but we focus on your future and help you live it in the now.

How Are You Different Than Other Coaches?

I don’t tell you what to do. I don’t tell you to do things that don’t resonate with you. I would just be conditioning you into somebody you’re not if I did that. I guide you to find yourself and I teach you on how to trust yourself in anything you want to do. I coach you so you can learn who you are at a DEEP LEVEL and then guide you to apply that knowledge in the real world.

This is an academy where other students are involved. Will you still be able to give me private coaching and attention?

Yes, private coaching calls are integrated in the program to help us to build a relationship and help you implement the learning modules and overcome your personal struggles is included in the academy subscription.

Is Your Program a Risk?

Not at all. I am not even being biased either.

This is a lifetime transformation.

Think about how much money you spend per month on drinks, going out to eat, technology, video games, toys, weed, and other distractions. This is a lifetime investment that guarantees becoming confident for life.

It isn’t about the money though. It is about personal freedom, feeling it, and living it too. This is a life transformation.

How much is the academy and how long is it?

$3,000 for 6 months. Each four – six weeks you will go through one of the four phases that will create you into becoming a man of self-confidence while integrating into dating and relationship building

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